What is a theme update, and why is it important?


What is a theme update, and why is it important?

A theme update is the process of upgrading your IGLOO theme to a newer version, introducing new features and improvements. Regular updates enhance performance and functionality, keeping your Shopify store current and optimised for the best user experience.

How do I update my IGLOO theme to the latest version?

Updating your IGLOO theme involves accessing Shopify admin, navigating to Online Store > Themes, and checking for updates. Follow the prompts to apply the update seamlessly, ensuring your online store benefits from the latest enhancements and features.

What is the purpose of the Countdown Timer in the IGLOO theme?

The Countdown Timer is a powerful tool integrated into the IGLOO theme to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions. Use it strategically to promote limited-time offers, sales events, or product launches, encouraging visitors to take action before the timer expires.

Are theme updates free for IGLOO?

Yes, all theme updates for IGLOO are free. You can regularly update your theme to access new features, improvements, and optimizations without incurring additional costs.

Will my custom code be retained during auto-updates?

No, custom code changes made by you, a developer, or an app won’t be automatically included in updates. To retain customizations, copy the code to the new version or reconfigure apps. Such actions fall outside theme support scope.

Can I share a preview of my IGLOO theme with others?

Yes, you can create a preview link in your Shopify admin to share your IGLOO theme with others. This link allows others to explore your store without accessing the checkout, making it easy to gather feedback before officially launching your theme.