Cart Reminder


Cart Reminder

What is a cart reminder popup?

A cart reminder popup in a theme is a feature that prompts users who have added items to their shopping cart but have not yet completed the checkout process. This popup is designed to remind users of their pending items in the cart and encourage them to finalise their purchase. Typically, the cart reminder popup appears on the website after a specified period of inactivity or when the user attempts to navigate away from the page without completing the purchase. Cart Reminder

How to set up a cart reminder popup?

1. Go to the "Popup" section and select "cart reminder popup."
2. Within this section, you can adjust the settings to either hide or show the cart reminder popup.
3. The cart reminder appears on the frontend when the number of cart items exceeds 0.
4. Additionally, you can also add custom CSS to apply unique styles to the popup section if desired.
Cart Reminder

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