Here are the steps for configuring the General settings within the theme settings:

1. Favicon image: This setting allows you to upload a custom favicon image for your website.
Click on the "Upload images" button to select an image from your computer or explore free images. The favicon image will be scaled down to 32 x 32 pixels.
2. Container width: Adjust the container width for your website.
3. Enable theme radius: Turn on this option if you want to apply rounded corners or a specific theme radius to elements within your website.
4. Show custom cursor: Enable this setting to use a custom cursor on your website, which can enhance the user experience.
5. Animations: Configure animations for elements on your website, such as fade-ins or slide effects, to add visual appeal.
6. Sequential sections on scroll: If enabled, this feature allows sections of your website to appear sequentially as the user scrolls down the page.
7. Scroll to top: Enable the "Scroll to top button" to provide users with a smooth scrolling experience back to the top of the page.
8. Show only home page: If selected, certain settings or elements may only apply to the homepage of your website.
9. Currency codes: Choose whether to display currency codes alongside prices in your cart and checkout pages, for example, displaying "$1.00 USD" for clarity.

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