Product badges


Product badges

Here are the steps for configuring the Product Badges settings within the theme settings:

1. Sale Badge Color Scheme: Select the color scheme for the sale badge. This badge typically indicates products that are currently on sale.
2. Rotating Showcase: Optionally, you can display a custom sales message in addition to the sale badge. This message might be used to create urgency for limited-time offers or clearance sales.
3. Sold Out Badge Color Scheme: Choose the color scheme for the sold-out badge. The sold-out badge is used to indicate products that are no longer available for purchase.
Product badges
4. Custom Badge: If desired, you can display a custom badge based on specific product tags. For example, tagging a product with 'badge_Bestseller' would display a custom badge labeled as "Bestseller." This feature allows you to create custom badges for various product categories or promotions.
5. Custom Badge Color Scheme: Select the color scheme for custom badges. Customize the colors to match your branding or create visually distinct badges for different purposes.
Product badges

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