What is a slideshow section?

A slideshow section refers to a portion of a website where a series of images or slides are displayed in sequence. This section is designed to visually present information, ideas, or concepts to an audience in an organised and engaging manner. It may feature a carousel of images or banners that automatically rotate or can be manually navigated by users. This type of section is commonly used on homepages or landing pages to showcase products, services, promotions, or featured content. Slideshow

How to set up a slideshow section?

1. Navigate to the template section and add the slideshow section.
2. Customize the slideshow section using the options available on the right side.
3. Adjust the width of the slideshow to expand width.
4. Modify the height of each slide from the available options.
5. Enable auto-switching between slides and set the interval to change slides.
6. Choose the soft animation effect for transitioning between images.
7. Optimize the layout for mobile devices and select whether to display content below images or not.

Add Blocks

1. In the slideshow section, add a slide block and locate its settings on the right side.
2. Upload an image for the slide and add a specific image for mobile devices if needed.
3. Adjust the opacity of the image overlay if desired.
4. Add a subheading and heading for the slide in the respective fields.
5. Choose the size of the heading.
6. Include a detailed description of your brand.
7. Configure the primary and secondary buttons and label the buttons, also provide their respective links.
8. Select the style for each button (primary, secondary, or outline).
9. Arrange the content position and alignment within the slide.
10. Optionally, show content with a background if required.
11. Customize the color scheme from the available options if necessary.
12. Adjust the alignment of content for mobile devices.

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