What is a video section?

A video section is a specific area or segment on a webpage dedicated to displaying video content. It's a design element commonly found in themes for creating visually engaging and interactive websites. The purpose of a video section is to attract and engage visitors by showcasing videos that can be related to various topics such as product demonstrations, tutorials, testimonials, promotional content, brand stories, and more. Video

How to set up a video?

1. Access the theme editor and include the video section, after adding the section you will find the customization option on the right side of the screen.
2. From there, add the heading for the video section and manage its size.
3. Specify the alignment of the heading (Left, Center, or Right).
4. Then you have the option to expand width of the section
5. Choose the color scheme for the section from the available options.
6. Set the video playback option and set the options (Shopify-hosted video or embed video from URL).
7. If using a Shopify-hosted video, select the option and configure autoplay settings.
8. If embedding a video from a URL (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo), paste the video URL.
9. Add a cover image for the video section and provide video alt text for accessibility.
10. Fine-tune the spacing above and below the section using the section spacing slider.
11. Optionally, configure theme settings and apply custom CSS for unique styles according to your preference.

Add Blocks

1. Choose the color scheme for the content block
2. Within the Video section, add a new block called content Block.
3. Set a subheading, heading for the block and choose the heading size.
4. Add a description for the video content.
5. Provide a button label and link for viewers to access more video content.
6. Choose the button style (Primary, Secondary, or Outline).

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